Top 10 Microsoft Forms Alternatives for 2021

Looking for Microsoft Forms alternatives?

First off, whether you are a Mac or a Windows user, you have probably heard at least one joke about Microsoft. Yet love it or hate it, Microsoft 365 is one of the most widely used office software suites in 2021. Those users include over a million companies worldwide, according to Statista. And it’s no surprise why — for existing users of the product, Microsoft Forms is easy to kick off and use. It integrates well with Microsoft 365 and is a nifty little tool for collecting and analyzing data in Excel.

Microsoft Forms Alternatives: The Top 10 of 2021

At the same time, Microsoft Forms has its fair share of downsides. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the top 10 Microsoft Forms alternatives for 2021.

#1: SurveySparrow

Ranked #1 survey software by, SurveySparrow has flown a long way since 2017 — from a survey tool to a conversational platform that delivers end-to-end experience solutions. So if you want an online survey software that can help you improve the experience in your product, employee, and customer journeys, SurveySparrow is just what you need.

You can test the platform with a 14-day free trial that gives you unrestricted access to features. The catch? There is none. You don’t even have to share your credit card details.

#2: Jotform

Jotform has an easy form builder and a multitude of payment gateways. These features make the platform especially popular with nonprofits and e-commerce brands.

Jotform’s biggest strength, however, is its immense template library — 10,000 templates for every purpose from lead generation to event sign-ups. And if you want to view responses on the go, you can integrate Jotform with your preferred RSS reader app for easy viewing.

#3: SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey comes with a vast bundle of tools that lets you do just about any survey. In addition, they offer specialized products such as Usabilla for real-time customer feedback and TechValidate that converts customer feedback into social proof, like case studies.

SurveyMonkey’s recent relaunch as Momentive has scaled the platform to a whole new level, and their goal is clear: to offer powerful enterprise solutions for experience management. With this level of ambition, it will be interesting to see where SurveyMonkey goes next.

#4: SoGoSurvey

Made in Virginia, SoGoSurvey is a comprehensive platform for quizzes, CX, employee engagement, and online surveys.

The best part about SoGoSurvey is that, like Microsoft 365, it’s packaged as a suite of tools for different needs. From the primary survey tool to custom solutions for CX and EX, it has everything you need for your data collection efforts.

#5: Typeform

Typeform takes the approach of ‘less is more.’ With its sleek interface and stripped-down features, Typeform works well across all devices and browsers.

But what sets Typeform apart? The Logic Jump feature. Unlike other survey builders, users can create their own question logic paths with unlimited Logic Jumps. How cool is that!

#6: Google Forms

Google Forms is an excellent tool for quickly creating efficient forms. The best part? It’s free and easy to set up. All you need is a Google account.

Google Forms is incredibly easy to edit on both desktops and your phone. In addition, the results can be quickly converted to spreadsheets on Google Sheets to create custom reports. What’s more, you can expand Google Forms’ functionalities with add-ons and the App Script feature. But, as we’ll see, it does have some drawbacks.

#7: Paperform

Paperform is great for building forms fast for landing pages, payment or product pages. Moreover, users love it because of the platform’s slick design and ease of use. You can add fields and type the text directly into the form like how you would type in a doc.

Compared to Microsoft Forms, Paperform’s forms and fields are mobile-friendly. At the same time, the platform has some downsides, as we’ll see below.

#8: Formsite

Is form security your top priority? Then, Formsite might be the software you need. With field encryption and viewer permissions, Formsite is a reliable tool for collecting sensitive data.

Moreover, Formsite’s interface is simple and professional. However, users might find it visually boring. Also, there isn’t much to distinguish it from other survey software.

#9: Wufoo by SurveyMonkey

With a history dating back to the 90s, Wufoo is one of the web’s oldest online form builders. So perhaps that’s why Wufoo’s forms look a little clunky! Still, the forms are incredibly easy to customize if you know your CSS.

Additionally, Wufoo is compatible with WordPress. So if you are looking for an easy survey builder for your WordPress website or blog, look no further.

#10. LimeSurvey

What if you don’t wish to pay for survey software? In that case, LimeSurvey has an ace up its sleeve: you can download its software code for free and completely customize it as you like.

As a popular open-source survey tool, LimeSurvey offers data hosting and storage on its servers and the option for users to self-host. Thanks to LimeSurvey’s open-source agility, you can use it for all types of research applications.

Microsoft Forms Alternatives: Reasons to Switch

If you’re considering Microsoft Forms alternatives, you’ve experienced the following problems or more:

  • Microsoft Forms is maddeningly short on form types. For instance, it has basic online surveys, polls and quizzes. But it does not include SMS surveys, NPS, or 360° assessments.
  • It’s only available for users of Microsoft 365. So testing the tool on its own is currently impossible if you don’t have a Microsoft account and an Office 365 subscription.
  • Microsoft Forms has a limited number of templates that are mobile-optimized (not mobile-friendly).
  • It offers limited customization options.
  • Microsoft Forms is short on advanced features like question and answer logic, custom workflows and integrations with third-party apps. To get those, you have to upgrade to Forms Pro. Namely, Pro offers advanced branding, question types, and data analysis through its integration with the Dynamics 365 Customer Voice software.
  • Form authors have two modes of survey sharing: within and outside the organization. However, respondent profiles from outside the organization are set to anonymous. This makes it hard to get insights on them.

With all these software options and their features, it’s going to be hard for you to find the perfect solution immediately! That’s why we recommend giving them a try before you buy. Here’s a list of features to look for when choosing your preferred Microsoft Forms alternatives to make your search easier. Choose wisely!

Originally published at on July 21, 2021.



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