Top 10 Business Intelligence Tools of 2019

Business has been going a bit downhill lately? So, what went wrong? All those data collected religiously could not be leveraged properly? Well, probably you didn’t.

Data is so closely-knit with the success of a business today. From customer experience to sales trends, data shines a light on every possible aspect of your business.

How do the big fishes like Amazon and Netflix manage to grow exponentially year after year? Accurate data analysis is the simple answer. Amazon starts with the initial process of shipping even before you buy a product! That’s how strong their data game is!

When data is converted to information, you can make strong decisions that lay the foundation for the future of your business. Believe it or not, from small enterprises to large corporations, many have already laid their foundation stone for triumphant business! Why do you think you are not among them? For extracting the vital information you need to analyze and manage your data efficiently and that’s the point you missed.

How do you get back on track then? How do you make sure you are analyzing the data accurately and pulling the right information? The answer is… Business Intelligence Tools.

According to Forbes, ‘Improving revenues using BI is now the most popular objective enterprises are pursuing in 2019’

Firms are largely resorting to Business Intelligence, irrespective of the size. If growth is your motto, then data is your need, if data is your need, then Business Intelligence tools are what you should rely on.

Business Intelligence tools help you to perceive the market trends , collect data and unravel insights from the data to put together robust strategies for a thriving business. A well-designed business intelligence software with progressive dashboards, visualizations, and analytics will help you go a long way. Now you know how Amazon levels up their game!

Best Business Intelligence Tools of 2019

So, are you all set to up your game? Here are our top ten picks for the best business intelligence tools for 2019.

#1 Sisense

Having to toggle between the IT and the marketing department to manage complex datasets can be quite a menace at times if you are not a technogeek. Well, with the Sisense BI tool, you can scrape off that job from your to-do list. By effectively deploying machine learning, AI and IoT, this intuitive business intelligence tool lets you manage large sophisticated data, analyze and visualize it without even having to involve your IT department.

The best part:

The in-chip technology of the tool helps to quickly and seamlessly process your data, i.e ‘10x faster’ as claimed by Sisense. Want to import data from Salesforce or Adwords? The business tool makes that possible as well.

Our verdict:

The engaging dashboards and the self-service analytics powered by a hybrid cloud platform provides you with a win-win situation, though the mobile navigation and filtering could do with some improvement.

#2 Microstrategy

Being one of the top-notch BI tools, Microstrategy has a list of eminent clientele like Coca-cola, Adidas and Carfax. The business intelligence tool helps in effective, advanced analysis and creating visualization formulas of both internal and external data of a firm.

The best part:

One of the best parts of Microstrategy’s bi tool is its up-to-speed, powerful dashboard. Moreover, you can also access your data from various sources like a spreadsheet.

Our verdict:

A great option if you are looking for a stable business intelligence tool but you may face some troubles while using it. Microstrategy’s tool holds a rather sophisticated learning curve and you may not want to call it intuitive.

#3 Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is one of those free business intelligence tools that has become quite popular over the years. Being one of the best BI tools, it can be employed in both SMEs and larger enterprises.

The best part:

The interactive dashboards of the software help create and share real-time insightful reports and data visualizations. Your selected recipients are also entitled to add filters and extract the required data.

Our Verdict:

Google Data Studio is quite intuitive and does not consume your time while handling it. You can easily connect data with various sources like Google Spreadsheets, Ads, Analytics, etc. However, the data can only be connected in a hugely Google Ecosystem and the mapping systems which are quite basic can be off-putting.

#4 SAS Business Intelligence

One of the best in the market, SAS Business Intelligence’s self-service tool allows you to leverage your data and make solid decisions to boost your business. The BI tool offers productive data analysis, visualization, and management provisions.

The best part:

The effective and advanced data integration coupled with its remarkable UI is something that you can bank on.

Our Verdict:

From refining large data to giving a penetrative analysis of various perspectives of your business, you can rely on the BI tool to burgeon your firm. However, on the downside, SAS BI tool has a steep learning curve and you will have to pay top dollar for it.

#5 Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a web-based platform and comes under the category of the best business intelligence tools with over 213 5-star reviews in popular review platforms like G2. The BI tool enables you to access it from almost anywhere. You can also gather data from local files or even from the cloud and successfully analyze and visualize it.

The best part:

Identifying real-time business trends has been made much easier through the BI tool’s immaculate data visualization. The customizable dashboard and the visually interactive BI reports can be embedded in various applications, thereby providing you with a personalized user experience.

Our Verdict:

A pocket-friendly price and the provision to integrate with applications effortlessly makes Microsoft Power BI all the more desirable. The BI tool would have been quite a steal if it weren’t for its steep learning curve, impotence to clean up wrong data and auto-detect data connection.

#6 Yellowfin BI

Machine learning and visualization are efficiently applied by Yellowfin BI to help you analyze data and uncover vital information to boost your business. The BI tool also enables you to create sophisticated reports easily with a drag and drop mechanism and share it via email or links.

The best part:

The AI-powered dashboard helps you effectively gain insights from your data. The tool enables you to intuitively filter your data, which is yet another feature you can rely on.

Our Verdict:

Yellowfin BI seems to be a decent tool for analyzing data and understanding trends but its glitchy when you consider the processing of huge data.

#7 Tableau

Tableau is one of the most popular business intelligence tools. The software aids in analyzing, blending and collaborating raw data to extract valuable, coherent information from its well-defined dashboard for stimulating the growth of your business.

The best part:

Tableau’s BI tool is intuitive, you don’t need extensive technical support while deploying it. The tool also supports multiple data sources such as MS Excel, Oracle, MS SQL, Google Analytics and Salesforce.

Our Verdict:

Tableau does have some very impressive features like its great mobile support and capability to handle large volumes of data without posing many challenges to the user but the poor versioning and inability to automate the scheduling might affect the workflow.

#8 SAP Business Intelligence

SAP Business Intelligence offers real-time analytics and visualization of data to help you find business solutions and share the insights through interactive reports. The BI tool delivers predictive analytics, machine learning, mobile analytics and office integration for constructive business analysis.

The best part:

SAP BI is an intuitive tool with a simpler learning curve and comes with some more impressive features like reusable reports and progressive filter options.

Our Verdict:

SAP BI is pretty decent for a BI tool but the poor, unreliable customer support is definitely a drawback.

#9 QlikView

QlikView is a self-service business intelligence tool that helps drive insightful business solutions by helping the users to discover, analyze and visualize data.

The best part:

If you are looking for an intuitive tool with a dynamic dashboard, high data security, and efficient data collaboration, then QlikView is your go-to BI tool.

Our Verdict:

QlikView provides a large scope for understanding business trends and incorporating effective business solutions but in order to achieve an advanced operational and functional level, you will have to purchase additional Qlik products.

#10 Oracle BI

Oracle BI is a robust portfolio of technology and applications. This business intelligence tool helps decide on business solutions by offering predictive analytics and interactive visualizations of data.

The best part:

The ad hoc data analysis, flexible and engaging dashboard and the ability to manage large volumes of data are the crowning features of Oracle BI.

Our Verdict:

Oracle BI seems to be a comprehensive business intelligence platform, however, it’s sophisticated learning curve and pricey plans are not something to eagerly look for.

Wrapping Up!

Business Intelligence tools are your one-stop solution for enhancing your data and making the most out of it. Be it data collected from focus groups, interviews or surveys facilitated by online survey platforms or even from observations of field notes, BI tools can be used to leverage any kind of data irrespective of the source.

No matter what the size of your enterprise is, BI tools can be employed to the fullest to promote growth. But make sure you find your right business intelligence software from the list. You need to clearly know what your specific requirements are and then compare them with the features of the tool.

So, choose from the best business intelligence tools we have listed out for you. Turn your data into productive information. Take solid data-driven solutions. Elevate your enterprise and flourish like no other.

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Originally published at on September 24, 2019.

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