The Ultimate Guide to Collect Product Feedback

Why is collecting feedback important?

5 reasons why every business should collect product feedback from customers

#1 Get to know their likes and dislikes:

#2 Helps measure customer satisfaction:

#3 Improves customer retention:

#4 Helps you make the right decisions:

#5 Get more referrals:

Different Ways to Collect Product Feedback

#1 Email surveys:

#2 In-app surveys:

#3 Net Promoter Score surveys:

  • Rating of 9 and 10 — Promoters.
  • Rating of 7 and 8 — Passives.
  • Anything below 7 — Detractors.

#4 Surveys during transactions:

#5 Social Media:

#6 Create a community of users:

How to Leverage data from the product feedback?

Find areas of improvement:

Reach out to the respondents:

Prevent customer churn:

Improve the morale of your employees:

Fine-tune your business:




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