The Top 8 Quiz Makers That You Should Look for in 2019

Quizzes, Quizzes everywhere, but not a good one in sight!
You know it, I know it! We do need quiz makers.
Want to get information about your customers?
Want to know what your employees think about the new work culture?
What do you do? Resort to Quiz makers!
No second thoughts!

Grabbing the attention of your respondents are quite harder than you think. According to many studies conducted, the average attention span of a respondent is merely 8 seconds. One of the strategies you can implement to engage your audience is via online quiz makers. Quiz makers let you cut through all the noise and create meaningful interactions with your consumers. Top-of-mind awareness or TOMA is crucial when it comes to the consistent growth of your mind. And when done right, quiz makers will help you achieve just that! You could be a marketer looking to generate leads, a market researcher trying to collect actionable data, or an academician searching for a reliable test maker — quiz makers can be your weapon of choice.

Now that you have realized that there are many untapped possibilities for you to build strong customer relationships, start looking for the ideal quiz maker for your brand. The decision should be made only after carefully examining and analyzing your choices. The over-saturated digital world makes it harder to choose the right one for you.

To ease your pain, we have shortlisted some of the best quiz makers in town! Read through the top 8 quiz makers for 2019 and choose the best quiz maker for your business.

#1 SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow is a newbie loaded with distinctive features. The platform promises a highly personalized experience for your respondents. You can create and share highly engaging chat-like quizzes and gain 40% higher completion rates. SurveySparrow also lets you automate the questionnaires and send it to users at a time convenient to you. With this in place, there are no risks of nagging your customers. It also aids you in evaluating and categorizing your respondents based on their answers using mathematical formulas of Expressions.

Our Verdict: With a click-free dashboard, seamless audience management and supportive integrations, SurveySparrow has gone the extra mile to keep user experience pleasant and effortless. However, the quizzing platform is young and is constantly being updated to accommodate new features.

Price: The pricing plans start at $19 per month. You are also provided with a 14 — day trial.

#2 SurveyMonkey

One of the popular tools, SurveyMonkey allows you to build simple questionnaires. You can collect the information you need with the many ready-to-use templates offered on the platform. Carefully curated questions and a wide variety of question types keeps data collection easier with SurveyMonkey. The basic version is free, but comes with a lot of limitations and can damage a smooth survey-creating experience.

Our Verdict: SurveyMonkey offer numerous charming templates, and lets you create your questionnaires in a few minutes. However, the cluttered interface and lack of white-labeling provisions undermine the pricey quiz maker.

Price: The pricing plans start from $31 per month. The basic version is free.

#3 Google Forms

Google forms is a tool that runs within G Suite and this allows you to push the data right into Google Sheets for further analysis. The quizmaker lets you build personalized questionnaires using the forms and gather distinct information from your respondents. You can rely on the forms for crafting quizzes in ’10 minutes’ claims Google Forms.

Our Verdict: Google Forms are intuitive with multiple question formats. You can also share the quiz through various channels but on the downside, you may not be able to produce sophisticated questionnaires or surveys. Also, it lacks a robust interface and has limitations in accepting texts and images beyond a certain size.

Price: Google Form is free to use.

#4 JotForm

JotForm delivers online email and website questionnaires. You can use the drag and drop mechanism of the form to create personalized and better-looking forms. If any issue (like internet dropout) hinders your workflow , Jot Form enables you to start right from where you left off as your changes are synced on the go.

Our Verdict: The plug-ins available in Jotform lets you add new features to your quiz but the questions are not as engaging as you think it would be and though neat, the blank text boxes give it a rather dry, dull look.

Price: The pricing plans of Jot Forms start from $19 per month. They also have a Start plan which is free.

#5 Typeform

With Typeform you can create questionnaires and deliver it to the user following a ‘one question at a time’ pattern. You can select from a wide variety when it comes to forms and also white-label your quizzes.

Our Verdict: Typeform is one of those decent quiz makers with a robust attractive interface but filling out one question at a time can be quite annoying and time consuming for users. Also, the pricey plans and unreliable customer support is disappointing.

Price: The pricing plan of Type Form starts from $35 per month.

#6 Surveygizmo

SurveyGizmo is a quiz maker having two different versions for small and large enterprises. The version for large enterprises focuses on customer-research related quizzes and in-depth data analysis while the one for smaller firms concentrates on the ease of use.

Our Verdict: SurveyGizmo has customizable questionnaires, multiple question types and well-organized templates but it has a steep learning curve and is not as intuitive as it looks. Also, poor customer support and expensive payment plans may not make it the best choice for a quiz maker.

Price: The pricing plan of Survey Gizmo starts from $25 per month

#7 Riddle’s Quiz maker

Riddle mainly focuses on smaller enterprises. With the quiz maker, you can customize your questionnaires and brand your quizzes. The platform lets you capture email addresses and with its help, you can gather data from your respondents and send it to your existing lists via tools like MailChimp.

Our Verdict: Riddle’s Quiz maker has customizable options and an engaging interface that are worth trying, yet you may not find any provisions to import questions and the features are limited.

Price: The pricing plans start from $19 per month

#8 Crowdsignal

Crowdsignal or Poll Daddy, enables you to create and embed questionnaires in emails and websites. The quiz maker allows you to segregate and analyze data and make reports accordingly. With CrowdSignal you can also export the reports to various other platforms like Excel, Google Sheets, etc.

Our Verdict: Crowdsignal is an intuitive quiz maker. You can customize your questions and craft quizzes in multiple languages. However, you need a WordPress account to get started and planning the Free Version will be a no-no, as the features are very much limited.

Price: The pricing plan starts from $17 per month.

Well, these were our top picks for the best quiz makers of 2019. Now you are probably confused with so much information. Merits, Demerits and all of it might have helped you learn and unlearn certain things, but I bet it’s put you in a dilemma! Confusions are never good! We need to get this sorted out.

So, the question disturbing you is obvious. ‘Which among these quiz makers is the right one for me?!’ ‘Which one is the ‘ideal quiz maker’ for my enterprise?’

Well, the answer largely depends on the type of business you are in, your goals and of course, your audience. Yet there are certain mandatory features that all great quiz makers ought to have; like engaging your audience, seamless data collection, insightful reports, and recurring questionnaires. You need to get each of it ticked in your list of features. With that much done, consider your quiz a half-success! And the other half? Collect data, draw conclusions, take effective remedial actions and fill up the space!

Well, then that’s a wrap! Happy Quizzing!

Content Marketer at SurveySparrow

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Originally published at on September 9, 2019.



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