Having Awful Meetings On A Nice Day? Improve with Rate The Meeting

A quick search through Google and you’ll see an array of hilarious memes about awful meetings. However, behind the humor lies a serious issue that has been conveniently excused and comfortably ignored.

Meetings that stray from agenda kills productivity.

Meetings that are long snatches the will to work.

If you are hosting such meetings, trust me, you’re possibly ruining an otherwise productive day of your employees. Long durations, agendas that reach nowhere, futile discussions with zero implementations, are some of the promising outcomes you get out of this.

We just have 24 hours. You and me, we all want to make the best of every second. But, how is it possible when you get caught in this vicious circle of superfluous meetings?

At SurveySparrow, we see customers measure umpteen transactions and events with customers, employees, vendors, and for multiple purposes like product purchase, product delivery, website experience, rating support received, and more. And, we realize that it’s the small things that draw the biggest impact. Yes, I’m referring to the Pareto Principle.

As an Experience Management Platform, we have been asked if meetings can be measured. Although it seemed atypical at first, some in-depth research revealed that there was no robust tool in the market that would help Managers and businesses to measure the impact of their meetings or make it better.

Did you know these stats about Meetings?

Yes, the stats shocked us too. No, currently there’s no wingman-tool that’ll help you make your meetings worthwhile. It was along the same time that I stumbled across a colleague’s LinkedIn post addressing the same issue as a major pain-point.

“Is this the right time?”

As a growing company, we questioned ourselves. However, the one I thing I realized was that the timing can never be perfect. If you grab an opportunity, that very moment… that’s what matters.

And, that’s what we did. Seize the opportunity and build something for not just our customers, but for any team lead, manager, or meeting coordinator out there. To host meetings like a boss.

Thus, Rate The Meeting was born.

I’m excited as I invite you all to try this free tool and provide your honest feedback. Consequently, we can work towards making it the best and get rid of the ‘awful meetings’ idea altogether.

Meetings are not a waste. No, just not anymore!

Founder & CEO at SurveySparrow

Originally published at https://surveysparrow.com on July 21, 2020.




SurveySparrow lets you turn surveys into conversations.

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SurveySparrow lets you turn surveys into conversations.

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