7 Employee recognition ideas that’ll work like a charm!

In love as in work, if there is one thing in terms of expectations, it is the need to be recognized. You want your partner to acknowledge your efforts by a display of love and you expect your employer to recognize your contributions by some sort of reward. While money is usually considered as the usual motivating quotient, that is not always the case and there are a hundred other ways for you to keep your employees satisfied where their efforts for the betterment of your company are being rewarded.

Remember that there is not only a fierce competition to grab the attention of potential candidates, but there is a huge scramble to get good employees as well. The competition to keep the hardworking employees stay with your company itself requires intense planning, marathon efforts and time. While your employees work hard to be in your good books, businesses need to realize that they have to put in work to retain the employees as competitors will be waiting to win them over with better pay and attractive benefits. A Gallup research says that one of the top reasons why employees leave is because of being underappreciated.

While you might already have a program where you recognize your employees, Survey Sparrow shows you seven ways in which you can blow your employees away with your gratitude.

Traits of an effective employee recognition program

Here is what constitutes an effective employee recognition program.

Build a team to formulate the program

  • They should have interest in creating the program
  • Look for folks who work well with people
  • Have a working knowledge of such a program
  • Previous experience in handling such programs

Characteristics of an effective program

Help your employees understand the exact criteria to get the reward, employ it at least once every financial quarter, keep reminding them about it via various portals, including social media and internal communication tool including reminders and informationals on notice boards.

Define clear objectives

It is best if you can measure the results achieved as it brings a sense of objectivity to the entire exercise instead of a subjective reward program that will include the biases of the people involved in judging the results. Create a checklist of deliverables that are to be achieved to be eligible for a reward. Checklists can be extremely effective in such cases where you can easily assess without any confusion.

Should have different types of recognition

Launch it effectively

Now that we know the constituents of an effective employee recognition program, let us see seven employee recognition ideas that can transform your entire business if implemented correctly.

Employee recognition idea #1

Write a hand-written note where you appreciate the employee for the results that they have produced for the company. This form of appreciation is something that will never go out of style since people love to feel valued. During the appreciation, highlight exactly what they have done to be deserving of this appreciation.

Also, this type of appreciation might be varied for different people. When you have personal meetings with the employees, ask them for a time in their previous jobs for an instance where they felt appreciated. Based on this information, you can implement different things in which you can make them feel appreciated. Some might like a meeting with the CEO while some might like to be appreciated in public. People are different. People matter.

Employee recognition idea #2

The company could constitute a special kit for anyone who is recognized as the employee who went the extra mile. While the reward doesn’t have to be repetitive, having a clear cut incentive for it will increase the occurrences of such acts in the workplace more often than you expect and it will become a part of the company culture where employees are trained to think beyond just their job descriptions.

Employee recognition idea #3

Not only does this serve as an inspiration for all the other employees, but it also makes them take it as a challenge to have their names and photos displayed lavishly on the wall too. It is more of a psychology thing and it works, which is exactly why you see this implemented on most consumer-facing businesses around the world. This type of reward system works perfectly well in a corporate setting too.

Employee recognition idea #4

Encourage your employees to buy something extra for their co-workers when they go out, it could be as simple as a cup of coffee. Write random notes of appreciation which are displayed publicly for everyone to see after which it can be stapled on the said employee’s desk. Create a culture where people from different departments work together on projects which will help them get an understanding of the kind of challenges different teams face, this will help in improving empathy.

Don’t make peer to peer recognition a mandatory thing, otherwise, it will look insincere. When people work together for a long time, they will know what the other person likes and the rewards will be personalized. All that the company needs to do is nudge the employees to be a little more giving and appreciative of each other.

Employee recognition idea #5

Something like this keeps the spirits of your employees high, even potential candidates would be attracted to something like this. This shows that the company values everything that is a part of the employee’s personality and it is also a fantastic bonding moment for your employees.

Employee recognition idea #6

Hand them over the surprise. It is extra special if you put it in an envelope and give it. People would like to hold things, even if it is a coupon whose code can be sent over an email, make sure you take a print-out of it and add a small note of hand-written appreciation and pass it to them. This will surely be a hit as the word will spread among the employees and everyone would want to be the next in line for such an honor.

Employee recognition idea #7

If an employee stays with the company for so many years, employ a reward system where they are given a cash bonus, or a full expense paid vacation. You can also create a milestone-based reward system whose only aim is to keep the employees excited and looking forward to working together with the company for more time.


Also, most employees are often told that they are easily dispensable, while that would be true because someone else with a similar skill set might be available for hire, as an employer, make sure that the employee doesn’t feel that way at all. Change that damaging line of thought into creating your employees as indispensable ones who are valued for who they are and what they bring to the table.

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