10 Birdeye Alternatives For 2022

A tool to transform feedback into insights to deliver an experience that customers want to share.

If we had to define what Birdeye does, we’d use this line (and we did!).

An excellent reputation management software built for customer-driven marketing. That’s what Birdeye is. But is it a bed of roses?

Like every tool out there, Birdeye comes with its set of flaws. And that’s why we wrote this Birdeye alternatives blog for you.

Time for the alternatives here. You ready for it? Great. Here we go;

#1 SurveySparrow


  • While Birdeye focuses simply on driving marketing through customers, SurveySparrow offers an end-to-end customer management solution with the help of powerful surveys.
  • SurveySparrow is a much cheaper and more focused Birdeye alternative.
  • Helps you create tickets for every review you receive and assign it to the right person
  • This survey software is easily one of the best omnichannel platforms focusing on enhancing the overall customer experience for its clients.
  • With its way better user experience and functionalities, this online tool amps up your survey response rate by nearly 40 percent. Imagine how much more reviews you can collect that way.

If not, you and your team know the exact reasons why through SurveySparrow’s Executive Dashboard. There’s a free forever plan to get the hang of its platform, while the premium plan starts from $19 a month. Mindblowing, right?

#2 Vendasta

Talking about reputation management, Vendasta does that and more for you with its CRM, task management, and billing solutions to go along with the third-party listing feature. If you’re a solopreneur, you just need this tool along with a survey expert like SurveySparrow, and you’re all set to get growth and handsome revenues. The plans for their entire platform start from $99 per month for individuals and $499 per month for an entire team. Clearly way cheaper than Birdeye.

#3 Yotpo

With a prime focus on user-generated content (UGC), a.k.a customer-driver marketing, it helps businesses and brands in four main realms: reviews and ratings, loyalty and referral programs, SMS marketing, and visual content. Combine all these marketing realms, and the results you get are often quicker and more profound than that with Birdeye. Did we mention that it comes with a free plan, too?

#4 Yext

#5 Swell

That’s what you first read on Swell’s website, and they sure do abide by it. Swell helps prospects find your business easily through online reviews and offers solutions to turn customer interactions into revenue. Once you’ve started using this reputation management tool, you’ll completely forget Birdeye. You get Swell insights, review, webchat, schedule, survey, and swell pay as the prime solutions. All of them with quality integrations to go with.

People who’re using Swell as a Birdeye alternative say it’s a great replacement for their budget. For the exact prices, you gotta take their product demo. Their customer teams are always working to deliver solutions based on specific use cases, and this personalization shows results in their client’s marketing efforts.

#6 Meltwater

While Birdeye is more focused on helping businesses get greater insights about reviews and listings, Meltwater gives businesses a more comprehensive overview of their reputation. Birdeye offers web chats and a social media messaging platform for audience engagement. By contrast, Meltwater comes with a social media engagement platform named ‘ Engage ‘ to lets businesses manage all social media functions and handle them remotely with razor-sharp precision.

They have similar pricing (you gotta take a demo to know exactly) as Birdeye but look a the depth of their solutions. The money spent would be worth it, for sure.

#7 ReviewTrackers

This tool’s lack of customer messaging options is a downside, but its pricing is way better and in your favor compared to Birdeye. It’s a quality tool, definitely worth giving a go.

#8 Olark

  • Firstly, they offer the live chat feature to engage with customers and gather feedback in real-time.
  • Then, you organize all feedback as structured notes and chat transcripts in your CRM.
  • Finally, generate insights from these live chats to optimize your offerings.

It’s a parallel alternative to Birdeye. One that focused on live chat to improve the chances of customer-driven marketing, rather than working on reviews and listings. And that’s perfect for businesses starting new, as they can get positive reviews automatically if the live chats are products are resonating well with customers. You get this solution and all of Olark’s team support with just $29 per month. Dirt-cheap, yet super effective!

#9 NiceJob

Ease of use, a free forever plan, and the ability to automate social media posts using all positive reviews make NiceJob a great alternative to Birdeye. They offer excellent premium plans and bundles of quality features, starting from $75 per month. Check it out here.

#10 Oktopost

Oktopost’s social media management, social listening, and employee advocacy solutions are built for B2B, giving marketers the chance to engage with customers and prospects on social media, get actionable insights, and prove ROI. Integrating natively with all major marketing automation and CRM platforms — including Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua, HubSpot, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 — Oktopost helps marketers leverage social data to improve customer experience, interact better, optimize all offerings, and drive revenue growth.

This software also offers built-in employee advocacy solutions, enabling your marketing team to promote social content across the organization with zero overhead. So when employees share social content, everything is automatically tracked and measured, so there’s an ROI established for advocacy. How cool is that?!

Book a demo with the Oktopost team to get their prices and plans.

Why you should look for Birdeye Alternatives?

It boasts over 60,000+ clients from all around the globe using its different solutions, from listings and reviews to ticketing and web chat. But even then, there are obvious reasons to look for its alternatives, starting with;

Hefty Price

From our understanding, these are all hefty pricing and not something that new businesses can afford, especially not every month. And this is one of the primary reasons for looking at Birdeye alternatives.

Tricky Platform

No Free Plan

Team Chat — Nada!

Crash Prone

A “So-So” Support Team

Reputation Management: Why Every Business Needs It In 2022?

The question now is about the need for reputation management in 2022 and beyond, especially for small businesses. And these reasons will help you make an informed decision on it;

Positive Media

Only when they’re satisfied with the reliability that your brand offers, they’ll contact you for a story. And we don’t need to tell you how big a role such a story can play in your company’s growth! So, for garnering positive and strong media, managing reputation is the key and the starting point.

Consistent Info

We say online because people Google stuff even for the smallest thing. SEO plays a huge role in ranking your website higher for relevant categories. Consistent information throughout the web is a surefire way to improve your SEO scores, rank higher, and build more overall trust.

Developing Brand Identity

What if we say that reputation management is the best way to do that in 2022 and beyond? Sure, it’s more on the organic marketing side that takes longer to show results, but with a far better ROI than paid marketing efforts, in most cases. Using customer-driver marketing, you’re slowly instilling the right narrative about your brand in the minds of the target audience, which will stay for long, bringing sustained growth.

Market Authority

People would want to stick to your company and offerings just because they trust your vision, ethics, team, and way of doing business. That, in the post-pandemic world, is huge.

Less Spending

Ready For Quality Trials?

All that remains now is to conduct some quality trials of these alternatives and choose one. Let us know what your pick is. And for a SurveySparrow product demo or technical queries, find us here. We’re available 24/7 for you, not just during business hours!

Originally published at https://surveysparrow.com on August 22, 2022.



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