10 Best Help Desk Software to Totally Check out in 2020

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Digitization has made the world a much better and convenient place to thrive in. Everything takes place at the drop of a hat and the customers expect the same with services; to be quick, easy and convenient. The business world has not snubbed this observation and is competing to deliver the best solutions instantly and raise the standard of customer service.

Customer service and experience are the cornerstones of any business. A successful enterprise is always a result of excellent customer service and one has to ace it to avoid being crushed by the intense competition and of course, to flourish. When that’s the motive you need a well organized, skilled team of customer service agents and an additional element to enhance the skilled work of agents and deliver prompt solutions to your customers — A Help Desk Software.

What is a Help Desk Software?

A help desk software is a selection of tools that supports companies to prioritise, monitor and resolve customer issues. Help Desk Tools provide a one-stop solution for customer service executives and agents to deliver quick, personalised solutions.

10 Best Help Desk Software of 2020

Help Desk tools are many. Hunting for one in the overcrowded market is a time-consuming procedure. But fret not. We have collated a list of the best help desk tools of the 2020 market as per expert recommendation. Give it a glance and choose the best fit for your organization.

1. Zendesk

There are hardly a few who haven’t heard of the much sought-after Zendesk. The help desk software prevails to be one of the best even to this day, thanks to its powerful set of features and excellent services. Boost your customer service by managing and closing the maximum number of tickets through a multitude of channels like phone, email, web, social media, mobile app etc. Streamline your workflow with help of features like a self-service portal, automatic ticket creation, blended call centre, customer history, call recording, interaction tracking, real-time chat ad knowledge management.

This customisable help desk tool along with a myriad of features and integrations, helps you lower the support costs, increase productivity and of course, be in the good books of your customers.

Pricing: Starts at $5 per month. You can try a hand at its free trial as well.

2. Freshdesk

When it comes to help desk tools, Freshdesk is one of the most popular names. The help desk software offers a self-service, omnichannel customer service solutions that are powered by AI. Simplify and streamline customer conversations in one common place and team up with the agents to deliver faster solutions. Automate your all your work with help of a myriad of features like interaction tracking, real-time chat, ticket management, complaint classification, electric signature, scheduling etc.

That’s not all. You can video chat with your customers with the help of this cloud-based help desk software, thereby allowing you to build a strong customer relationship. By providing a robust tracking system for customer conversations, Freshdesk has clearly proved to be one of the best free help desk software available in the market today.

Pricing: Starts at $15 per month. Free Version is Available.

3. Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is quite a popular name when it comes to help desk tools. The context-aware help desk software can help you manage and close numerous requests through multiple channels. The flexible tool provides you with an array of interesting features. Enhance your customer service system with supported by a powerful AI assistant, advanced multi-stakeholder process management, and embedded self-service. Zoho Desk also provides you with features like Service level Agreement Management, real-time chat, customisable branding, automated routing and supportive integrations.

The ticket templates and the workflow rules are yet another supportive provisions of Zoho Desk that helps transfer any new tickets to the right department. Also, the free help desk software aids you in building a self-service operation in order to find solutions on your own but in case of any difficulty, customers can always approach the support team who are available round the clock.

Pricing: Starts at $12 per agent per month.

4. Intercom

With quite an impressive clientele that includes some of the popular names like Shopify, Atlassian, New Relic etc, Intercom has been one of the choicest help desk software in the market. The tool helps you take customer service to the next level by offering you provisions for scalable messaging supported chatbots.

Do not fret if you experience a steep learning curve. The guided product tour helps delve deeper to understand the help desk tool and make the most of it. Intercom also provides a list of efficient features to automate workflow to make it smarter and more effective. Some of the best features of Intercom includes customizable branding, autoresponders, mobile optimised emails, customisable bots, a self-service portal, queue management and many of the like.

Pricing: Plans begin at $39 per month. Free Trial available.

5. Salesforce Service Cloud

A powerful cloud-based help desk software, Salesforce Service Cloud, is a child platform of the ubiquitous Salesforce CRM software. Engage your customers through multiple channels, streamline procedures and manage tickets with the help of the tool’s 360-degree view of the clients. Service Cloud offers supportive features like customizable branding, email integration, interaction tracking, multi0channel communication, real-time chat, service level agreement management, automated routing, document storage, a self-service portal, network monitoring and knowledge base management etc.

Salesforce’s Service Cloud may be a bit too expensive compared to its counterparts, but its robust features and 24/7 cloud-hosted services and support system makes it an irresistible choice for a help desk software.

Pricing: Starts at $25 per month. Free Trails can be used.

6. Hubspot Service Hub

Hubspot’s Service Hub is an all-in-all help desk software that helps elevate customer service and engagement. Manage and resolve tickets effortlessly by leveraging the features of Service Hub while you align it with the sales operations with the help of Hubspot’s CRM. Make the most of features like real-time chat, multi-channel communication, customizable branding, email integration, escalation, knowledge base management, automated routing and document storage.

Hubspot Service Hub with its advanced ticket management systems, reporting and analytics, free live-chat tools, video recording provisions and scores of third-party integrations make it quite a reliable help desk software.

Pricing: Starts at $35 per user per month.

7. GrooveHQ

Apt for small and medium-sized businesses, GrooveHQ is yet another help desk ticketing system that focuses on helping clients to deliver customer experiences par excellence. Connect with your customers through multiple channels and keep track of all the conversations in one single place being the intuitive dashboard of Groove. Also, the help desk tool allows you to collaborate with your team members and align your work. The main features of Groove include alerts, customizable branding, email integration, interaction tracking, multi-channel communication, real-time chat, automated routing, canned replies Service Level Agreement Management and knowledge base management etc.

The detailed insightful reports of Groove needs a special mention. It covers almost all the metrics to up your game and manages your team painlessly.

Pricing: Starting Plan offers services for $9 per month. You also gave a free 120-day trial.

8. Help Scout

Help Scout is the next help desk software to make it to our list. If customers are your #1 priority, then Help Scout can help you deliver personalised customer service and experience aided by its suite of reliable clutter-free features. You can share team inboxes to ensure that everyone’s one the same page, deliver instant answers to your customers and attend to their enquiries by embedding help articles with the chat, leverage live chat and manage your team with the help of insightful reports.

Apart from these, Help Scout also delivers features like Service Level Agreement Management (SLA), multi-channel communication, escalation, customizable branding, email integration, real-time chat, automated routing, self-service portal and knowledge base management along with a suite of integrations.

Pricing: Starts at $20 per user per month.

9. Kayako

Respond to customers instantly and reduce response time with the help of Kayako. With omnichannel conversations and real-time chat, the tool makes sure that your agents can handle all customer interactions effortlessly at a single place.

The intuitive help desk ticketing system helps you manage and close tickets with much ease. Kayako offers a lot of useful features like email integration, service level agreement management, knowledge base management, a self-service portal, network monitoring, automated routing and alerts. Kayako is also a context-driven tool that lets you keep track of every customer activity so that you proactively know and understand issues before the customer comes up with it.

Pricing: Starts at $15 per agent per month.

10. Happyfox

Claiming to be quite a versatile help desk software, Happyfox helps you deliver first-rate omnichannel services to your customers. The cloud-based tool helps you and your agents organise work by managing and closing tickets or creating recurring tickets to improve support response time.

Happyfox also offers its customers a suite of excellent features like canned responses, bulk actions, escalations, customizable branding, SLA, real-time chat, automated routing, issue scheduling, queue management, email management, a self-service portal, ticket management and IT asset management.

Considering its efficient features, robust real-time reporting, intuitive UI and easy set-up facilities, Happyfox is yet another help desk software that can make it to your list of choices.

Pricing: Starts at $29 per user per month.

Winding Up

The prominence of customer service need not be stressed again and again. When customers are your priority, success follows through. The employment of a help desk software can go a long way in delivering timely solutions in the best possible way to your customers and enhancing the customer experience. So, go through our list of the top 10 help desk tools, compare the features with your requirements and choose the one that’s an ideal fit for your organization. Well, then, cheers to great customer service and greater endeavours!

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